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Bouquetier de Nice à Fleurs Doubles




à Fleurs Doubles, Bouquetier à Fruits Fétifères Dobles, Bouquetier de Nice à Fruits Plats, Bouquetier de Nice à Grandes Fleurs, François 1er, Grand Bourbon, Grand Condé, Grand Connétable, Grand Louis (sec. Cottin 2002)

Cultivar or taxon


Citrus x aurantium L., pro sp. [Sour Orange Group] (sensu Mabberley 2004, Bayer et al. 2009); Citrus aurantium L. (sensu Hogdson 1967; sensu Tanaka sec. Cottin 2002)



Crown compact or dense, not weeping. First-year twig surface glabrous; second- or third-year twig surface striate; thorns absent or not persistent; prickles absent or not persistent. Petiole glabrous, length medium, wings medium, adjoining the blade. Leaflets one, margin bluntly toothed, shade leaflet blades weakly conduplicate, sun leaflet blades strongly conduplicate. Scent of crushed leaflets spicy or peppery. Fruit broader than long; rind light green with some break to yellow (5), green-yellow (6), or yellow (7-10); rind texture medium rough (6-7) or rough (8); firmness leathery; navel absent; rarely present; flesh orange; taste sour.

Hodgson (1967) provided the following additional notes on the cultivar: "This variety is the Bigaradier à Fruit Fetifere of Risso and Poiteau (1818-22). The tree is vigorous and upright-growing and the flowers are double with a very large pistil, which usually gives rise to a flat fruit of medium size that is also double, since it contains a well-developed secondary fruit deeply embedded inside the primary fruit. The leaves are very large and broad but slightly taper-pointed."



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