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Cadena Fina, Cadena Sin Hueso, Cadenera de Careagente, Comice, Cornice, Ducroq, Original, Précoce de Valence, Précoce des Canaries, Précoce du Rharb (sec. Cottin 2002); Cadena sin Jueso, Orero, Valence san Pepins, Precoce de Valence, Precoce des Canaries (sec. Hodgson 1967)

Cultivar or taxon


Citrus x aurantium L., pro sp. [Sweet Orange Group] (sensu Mabberley 1997, Bayer et al. 2009); Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck (sensu Swingle and Reece 1967; sensu Tanaka sec. Cottin 2002)



Hodgson (1967) noted that Cadenera is thought to be a chance seedling found in Spain.



Crown compact or dense, not weeping. First-year twig surface glabrous, second- or third-year twig surface striatethorns straight, prickles absent or not persistent. Petiole glabrous, length medium, wings narrow or medium, adjoining the blade. Leaflets one, margin bluntly toothed, shade leaflet blades flat or weakly conduplicate, sun leaflet blades flat or weakly conduplicate. Scent of crushed leaflets sweetly orange-like. Fruit as broad as long or longer than broad; rind yellow (7-10), yellow-orange (11), orange (12), or red-orange (13); rind texture slightly rough (4-5); firmness leathery; navel absent; flesh orange; taste acidic-sweet.

Hodgson (1967) provided the following additional notes on the cultivar:

"Fruit medium-sized, globose to slightly oval; apex somewhat depressed; areole ring faint or lacking; seeds few or none. Moderately well-colored. Rind medium-thin and surface smooth to finely pebbled. Flesh very juicy and flavor and aroma excellent. Holds well on tree and retains quality. Medium-early in maturity (preceded by Salustiana and Hamlin).

Tree vigorous, hardy, large, and productive."



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