Flat Mites of the World


Key characters

  • body extremely flat
  • c1, c2, d2, e2 absent (Fig. 1) 
  • h2 elongate (Fig. 1)
  • anterior margin of prodorsum with forked median projection (Fig. 2)
  • ventral, genital, anal plates not developed
  • 2 pairs ps setae (Fig. 3)
  • 4 segmented palp
  • g1 inserted anterior to g2

Similar taxa

Gahniacarus - c1 present; e1 absent; palp 3 segmented; c1, d1 similar to other dorsal setae

Cyperacarus - c1 present; e1, f3 absent; palp 3 segmented; 3 projections on anterior margin prodorsum

Prolixus - body elongate; f2 present or absent; anterior margin of prodorsum smoothly rounded or with small projection; palp 3 segmented

Tenuipalpus - c1, f2 present or absent; ventral and genital plates well developed; palp 1-3 segmented

Number of species

Two - A. danutae, A. plana


Beard and Gerson




Cyperaceae (sedges)


  • yellow, orange and green colours when alive (Fig. 4)
  • eggs yellow to orange

Fig. 1. Acaricis plana female dorsum


Fig. 2. Acaricis plana female anterior margin of the prodorsum indicating forked projection.


Fig. 3. Acaricis plana female venter


Fig. 4. Acaricis sp. adult female