Flat Mites of the World


Key characters

  • dorsal setae long, flat (Figs. 1, 2)
  • bases of d1, e1 almost touching (Fig. 1)
  • e2 absent
  • h2 not elongate
  • anterior margin of prodorsum smoothly rounded, without notch or projection; partially concealing gnathosoma
  • ventral and genital plates membranous, not well developed
  • anal plates distinct (Fig. 3)
  • 2 pairs ps setae (Fig. 3)
  • intricate pattern on dorsal cuticle (Figs. 1-2, 5)
  • 5 segmented palp

Number of species

One - A. alphitoniae


Smiley and Gerson




Alphitonia excelsa (Rhamnaceae)

Same host as Lisaepalpus smileyae


  • yellow when alive, with white setae (Figs. 4, 5)
  • eggs yellow to orange

Fig. 1. Australopalpus alphitoniae female dorsum (image: Gary Bauchan, USDA-ARS).


Fig. 2. Australopalpus alphitoniae female dorsum (type specimen).


Fig. 3. Australopalpus alphitoniae female venter (image: Gary Bauchan, USDA-ARS).


Fig. 4. Australopalpus alphitoniae female live, on lower surface of Alphitonia excelsa leaf.


Fig. 5. Australopalpus alphitoniae female dorsum (image: Gary Bauchan & Chris Pooley, USDA-ARS).