Praticolella griseola




Praticolella griseola (Pfeiffer, 1841)

Common Name

Vagrant scrubsnail, Vera cruz shrubsnail


The tan to brown-gray, umbilicate (possess a navel-like opening), flattened shell of this species varies in height 6-11 mm and diameter 8-13.7 mm. There are 4-5 1/2 whorls. The shell may be glossy in color with faint oblique striations. There are several pale tawny stripes that have a white color on each margin. The spire is short. The umbilicus (navel) is very narrow and the aperture (mouth) lunate. The peristome (edge of the mouth) is simple, white and a little reflected, with the columellar margin slightly extended.

Native Range

Northern and Central America


North America:

  • U.S.: Florida, Texas

Central America: Mexico

Caribbean: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica


This species has been intercepted on shipments from the Dominican Republic to the U.S on the leguminous plant, guar gum (Cyamopsis tetragonolobus) .


  • Bradybaena pisum Beck, 1837, Index, p. 18, not described, Pfeiffer, 1. c. in synonymn.
  • Helix griseola Pfeiffer, 1841, Symbolae HIst. Hel., 1: 41, Conchyl. Cab., Helix, p.342, pl. 60, figs. 17, 18; Monogr. Hel. Viv., 1: 337.
  • Helix cicercula Ferussac, in coll., = griseola according to Pfeiffer, Monogr. Hel. Viv., 1: 337.
  • Helix albocincta A. Binney, 1851 Terr. Moll., 1: 109, 128, name only.
  • H. albolineata "Binney", Gould 1857, Terr. Moll, 3: 34 (referring to Terr. Moll. 3, pl. 49, fig. 2), as var of berlandieriana.
  • H. albo-zonata A. Binney, 1857, Terr. Moll., 3, pl. 49, fig. 2
  • Dorcasia griseola Pfeiffer, W. G. Binney, 1878, Terr. Moll., 5: 348, fig. 231(jaw), pl. vii, fig. v (teeth).
  • H. berlandieriana var. griseola Pfeiffer, Von Martensis, 1892., Biol. Centr.-Amer., Moll., p. 140, pl. 7, figs. 15-17.


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