Field characters

No field characters have been recorded in the literature. Based on characteristics of slide-mounted adult female, with body broadly oval; legs yellow; body covered by white mealy secretion; ovisac ventral only, absent from dorsum; 17 pairs of thin wax filaments around perimeter of body. Present on roots and leaves of host.

Validation characters

Translucent pores on hind coxa, trochanter, femur, and tibia; circulus small, about as long as wide; most cerarii with 2 conical setae; ventral multilocular pores on posterior 3 abdominal segments; ventral oral collars confined to posterior 4 abdominal segments.


Dysmicoccus orchidum is similar to D. mackenziei but differs by having the cerarii anterior of the anal lobe with 2 conical setae; no discoidal pores near the eye; and 1 size of oral-collar tubular duct. Dysmicoccus mackenziei has cerarii with more than 2 conical setae; 1 or more discoidals near the eye; and 2 sizes of oral collars. This species is also similar to D. grassii but differs by having translucent pores on the hind coxa, trochanter, femur and tibia; in D. grassii these pores are restricted to the hind femur and tibia.

U.S. quarantine notes

This species was intercepted once at U. S. ports-of-entry between 1995 and 2012, with the specimen originating from India.The original description in 2004 includes numerous U. S. interceptions of the species previous to 2004. We also have examined quarantine specimens from India (Dendrobium); Indonesia (Phalaenopsis); The Philippines (Cymbidium, Grammatophyllum, Phaius, Phalaenopsis, Vanda); Thailand (Orchidaceae). According to ScalNet, D. orchidum is recorded on orchids only, from southern Asia. Several species of Dysmicoccus other than D. boninsis (Kuwana), D. brevipes (Cockerell), D. grassii (Leonardi), D. lepelleyi (Betrem), D. mackenziei Beardsley, D. neobrevipes Beardsley, D. orchidum, D. sylvarum Williams & Granara de Willink, D. wistariae Green and Dysmicoccus sp. nr. texensis have been taken in quarantine including: D. amnicola Williams & Watson (The Philippines, on Pandanus); D. finitimus Williams (Taiwan, on Cocos); D. hambletoni Williams and Granara de Willink (Ecuador, on Xanthosoma); D. hypogaeus Williams (Australia, on Chamelaucium); D. joannesiae Costa Lima (Ecuador, on Inga); D. lansii Williams (The Philippines, on Lansium); D. probrevipes (Morrison)(Central and South America, on Coffea, Cordia); D. queenslandianus Williams (Australia, on Allocasuarina); and D. viatorius Williams (The Philippines, on Lansium, Nephelium).

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