Field characters

Body broadly oval to pyriform; body yellow with pinkish tinge; body covered by thick layer of white powdery wax but allowing body segmentation to be visible; with 17 pairs of lateral filaments, becoming progressively longer posteriorly, caudal pair up to 3 mm long. Occurring on leaves of the host.

Validation characters

Oral-rim tubular ducts short, dorsally present in marginal clusters on head, thorax, and abdomen, in medial clusters on thorax; oral rims present ventrally on marginal areas of head, thorax, and abdomen, also present in transverse rows on abdominal segments III-VIII; circulus absent; cerarii with more than 3 conical setae, anal-lobe cerarius with 9-13 conical setae; 17 pairs of cerarii; translucent pores present on hind coxa, femur, and tibia; oral-collar tubular ducts absent, replaced by small oral rims.


Laminicoccus pandani is similar to L. vitiensis by having 17 pairs of cerarii, each cerarius with more than 3 conical setae, tubular ducts abundant around body margin, translucent pores on the hind coxa, femur, and tibia. Laminicoccus pandani can be distinguished (characters in parentheses given for L. vitiensis) by lacking a circulus (present), having a definite rim on the tubular ducts (without a rim), and ducts about as long as wide (2 times as long as wide).

U.S. quarantine notes

This species was intercepted at U. S. ports-of-entry 25 times between 1995 and 2012, with specimens originating from Hawaii, India, The Philippines, Samoa, Tahiti and Tonga. We also have examined specimens taken in quarantine from The Caroline Islands (Pandanus); Marshall Islands (Kwajalein) (Pandanus); Philippines (Manilkara); Tonga (Pandanus). ScaleNet lists hosts in 5 plant families. It is most commonly intercepted on Pandanus. ScaleNet distribution records for L. pandani include several islands in the Oceanic (Australasian) zoogeographic region. No other species of Laminicoccus have been taken in quarantine at U. S. ports-of-entry.

Important references

WilliaWa1988a; Tang1992.

Scalenet catalog and citation list

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